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1.Lack of time

24 hours a day is not enough? In this crazy world, it is essential to chose your priorities and spend time on things that are necessary and others that are really important to you.

Everyday Activity






Personal hygiene







(you choose where to add this time to)





Is it really so impossible to squeeze in ONE hour, three times a week  to invest in your HEALTH?

2. Difficult in finding the perfect place to exercise.

There are options where the atmosphere will increase your desire to workout. Perhaps POWERUMBA FITNESS can be the best example for  this. This innovative dance and fitness studio located in the heart of Miami activates your five sense with the help of the latest in technology. You can choose from the best dance class ”Powerumba method” to thrilling bootcamps and dynamic boxing classes!


What about burning over 800 calories dancing and enjoying yourself with different musical genres?

Different trainings and instructors surrounded with  innovated lights shows and cool projections?

3. Lack of energy.

It’s not uncommon to be tired at the end of the busy day. And most of our days are busy!  But ironically, if you find time for physical activity on a regular basis, your energy level usually improves!


Working out will only reactivate your body and refuel your mind to leave your day to your fullest!

4. You’re to busy.

Even instructors look for any reasons to skip the gym. If you think you are the only one that prefers an extra 30 minutes nap, well let me tell you, you are NOT!

What we should all do is NOT THINK. Yes, that’s exactly what I said, exercising everyday should not be an option. When you wake up, I am sure you don’t think about brushing or not your teeth, you just do it! Well, the same thing happens with exercise, you should just wake up and get ready immediately and do what you must do.


Keep track of all your daily excuses and surely you will have a blast reviewing them.

Is “Too much whiskey at the party yesterday” part of this list?

4. It’s too hard.

It is really important to start your exercising routine little by little.  Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t score his first GOL in his first day of training , not even the first week or  month.

It takes time for your body to get use to any new routine and you need to listen to your body. Start your training with 30 minutes and every day increase by 5 minutes, until you have completed your first 60 minutes of workout. And then make your 60 minutes as intense as your body tells you to. You never know, you may actually become the next Michael Phelps!


Nothing in life is easy, you need to work hard for it!

5. I am on a diet, I don’t need to exercise

It is really important to have a healthy diet and to really stick to it on a daily basis. By eating healthy you are completing only 70% of a healthy lifestyle while the other 30% comes from exercising.


Think about being your best version by reaching 100%

6. I’ll start next week.

This is the most common answer when considering starting your new healthy lifestyle. We should think that every day is Monday, so the day to start is today.


Any day of the week is an opportunity to start!

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