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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live Jim Rohn

I think it is important to start this interview clarifying that it’s purpose  is not to talk about exercise, diet, or tips to lose weight. The intention and what I want to achieve with this space is to focus on well-being, on having a healthier body and mind, and I want to do so by giving a vision of how exercise has changed my life.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I can share with you as a gym owner, that my finances are never as good as when summer approaches. All classes are stuffed, the registrations do not stop and the closer we get to a vacation, the anxiety begins to grow and anyone would say that if they run faster the last two hours, their body will change and miraculously they will look like models of Victoria Secret . And although there is nothing wrong with feeling motivated to improve your body and especially at that time of year, the problem comes when you don’t get the results you expected, you get frustrated and stop working out for the next 8 months until the time of Summer threatens you again.

The same goes for the “diet” if we decide to lose weight by following your favorite blogger on Instagram and strangely after a month you do not look exactly like her, you get desperate, you eat absolutely everything that you see in your fridge, you forget to take care of yourself and we start again.

It’s not bad to follow someone on social media if that motivates you. I myself had the privilege of being in several radio and television programs broadcasting for Mexico, Colombia, Italy among others, and having these spaces  I understand the responsibility that this entails, I have tried to spread a message of which I have extensive knowledge and to be congruent with my principles.

It is important to investigate the sources of the information they give us and understand, on one hand, that a blogger is NOT a nutritionist, nor that a person with a good body is a gym instructor. If you want to follow a diet due to a situation of overweight or health, you should not listen to advice, or do the diet with which “your friend’s aunt lost 20 pounds or with “your mother’s cousin who lost 15 pounds in a week”. For this there are nutritionists, doctors who have the ability to tell you what is best for you according to your body and needs. Losing weight in a controlled way and getting used to a healthier lifestyle.

On the other hand, one of the biggest problems nowadays is the constant comparisons that you can have either with your best friend or with a Hollywood actress. It is not about seeing anyone else, but to see how you manage to do something that you did not manage to do a month ago and how you are improving your body, your health, your resistance etc.

With all of these, I decided to create Powerumba, a place where dancing and training play a key role. Starting with the physical space, where the light show, the projections and a particular aroma play with your emotions and allow you to enjoy and focus on yourself, without having to turn to see the rest of the group, so that everyone focuses on their own body and mind.

I believe that one of the mistakes in which people face daily, is to think that the difference between a fit person and one that is not, is that the fit person has no difficulty carrying an exercise routine, or that he does not enjoy eating, that’s 100% a lie.

I exercise every day in the morning and not a single day goes by in which the alarm goes off and it does not take me 5 minutes to evaluate what would happen if today I do not get up? What could happen if I sleep for another hour? And if my only motivation is to lose weight, definitely half of the days I would not do it. However, I do it because of the endless benefits it brings, it helps me avoid illnesses, release stress, improve my mental health and my mood.

The same goes for food, I not only like food, I love it, and I am not a human phenomenon that prefers an apple over a cheesecake. If the only disadvantage of eating the cake is that it the amount of calories, possibly I would eat it most of the time; However, I have been able to see the benefits that healthy eating and a balanced diet have on my body. I have never felt better after a meal full of carbohydrates and sugars than in a nutritious and light meal.

I am completely in favor of listening to your body, if you are hungry eat, you should never leave your body in a starvation mode, if you are craving for sugar, in a calm way analyze your options, that craving can be satisfied with a small fruit plate as well as a Krispy Kreme donut and the difference of what these two do to your body is abysmal, so I recommend that you always go with the first option.

In conclusion, I believe that the main purpose of what I want to communicate in this article is to learn to find a balance to lead a healthier life and achieve in becoming a greater well-being by making this a lifestyle not just a trend.

The time to start is TODAY, look for the motivation within yourselves and do not fall into the trap of postponing a healthy lifestyle by saying “I start on Monday” every day we have the opportunity to improve our physical and mental state.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin with, the beginning makes the perfect conditions”

Allan Cohen

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