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To all our dear Powerumba Team,
As you well know our mission goes beyond dance moves, weights, mats, or benches, it has always being about creating a team and a community to make you feel happier and healthier every day.

We are inevitably worried about the actual situation, how it’s affecting all of us and also Powerumba. Over the last 8 years we have created a beautiful community which has supported us in every possible way and we're very thankful.

At this moment, it is critical for us to have your unconditional support to be able to continue having our doors open in the near future.
We encourage you to please think over how each and every one of you can support our “Happy Place” by continuing being part of our team.

We are carrying out an initiative in which all of our class packages will have a 30% discount starting today and will be activated as soon as we resume operations.

  • This opportunity is available for all our community.
  • Our monthly members, we encourage you to keep your membership and share this benefit with your friends and family.

Additionally, we are working very hard to create online content for you to dance, train, smile and engage from the confort of your home.
We will launch Powerumba Online very soon.

As a company, beyond being a business, we have an obligation to contribute and positively impact our society and community. We all hope that this situation and crisis is temporary, but for that, we have to act quickly.

We are devoted to our members, and we would love to be able to hold all memberships for the duration of this crisis. Unfortunately, doing so would prevent us from continuing to provide the best experience and service and would degrade our ability to serve you after the crisis lifts.

We will always respect your situation and your decision.

You are all part of our community, therefore with this inititative we can all protect Powerumba together and make sure we can be able to remain united and overcome this as one.

We will return sooner, stronger and more proud than ever.

Thank you from our heart,
Stay safe
Powerumba Studio