Powerumba Fitness is the fitness company that created "Powerumba Studio", a creative space for the latest workout forms with the use of technology and the development of the dance fitness method, "Powerumba® Methodology".

Est. 2012 - Miami


Powerumba Studio

Our key objective is to make you immerse into an innovative atmosphere where you feel comfortable and confident to take on our fitness challenges and be successful in fulfilling your health and fitness goals.

At Powerumba Studio you combine the latest forms of workout with the use of technology, lights and videos, to escape from the everyday routine and go to a place full of positive energy, life and fun!

Dance Methodology

Created by fitness instructors Martin del Villar and Pola Mochón, Powerumba is a fitness dance methodology focused on the essence and steps of various musical genres including salsa, reggaeton, merengue, samba, bachata, cumbia, soca and much more. The methodology of Powerumba allows one to start from the very basic steps of each genre and transition to more complex choreographies. The main objective of the class is to improve the person’s physical and coordinative conditions through dance and simultaneously increase the cardiovascular capacity by working on different heart rate zones. This class helps you relieve stress, burn fat, relax and tone muscles, improves self-esteem and increases the level serotonin in the brain which helps you feel happy and stay in a good mood.

The first Powerumba studio opened in Miami and the methodology has been spreading worldwide thanks to the certification program.  There are Powerumba certified instructors in Colombia, Uruguay, Italy, Spain, United States and Chile. Certifications are now available worldwide!